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First Trip to Ireland

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Large Random Set of Photographs from the Past Two Months

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Oskari’s Naming Party in the Old Nun’s Head

By the way, if you’re interested in recipes and a video of ‘the name cake’, please find it on Crofton Tales.

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Letter to Oskari

To: Oskari
From: Mum and dad

Dear tiny little chubber, windy, funny, smiley boy.

Our darling Oskari. We thought we’d write you a letter to let you know how ecstatic we are to have you and to offer some of our vast wisdom and to tell you some of our hopes and dreams for you. So here it is.

How did this even happen? It turns out you were really ready to come, almost 7 years after your mum and I met or… 2526 days to be precise. 8 months and 2 days after our wedding day and for the cynical catholics amongst us… HE WAS Premature!!

So you were 5 whole weeks early.. we were definitely not ready! Your mum had just about gathered the courage to read the section of the baby book that mentions birth. I, for one, hadn’t even thought about opening the book.

And then you arrived. It wasn’t an easy delivery… but we won’t go into that now.. your mum wants to hold that particular trump card for when you’re cheeky in the future… ‘Do you know what I went through for you?!’

Anyway we loved you from the minute we saw you.

We’d like to encourage you to continue with this pre-disposition to be early. Your mum and I love to be on time. I myself have a tendency to leave for the airport a day or so before the flight leaves.. just to make sure. AND we have never missed a flight yet. Assume now that your mother is rolling her eyes.

Always be honest. Honesty is the best policy. We hope you feel like you can talk to us and we reckon you’ll have a significantly less complicated life if you stick to the truth. (Also, I’m sure by the time you can speak, we’ll have a lie detector app that actually works)

Make real and brilliant friends. We are lucky enough to have FANTASTIC friends. We’d be lost without them. Get good friends and keep them. Be generous with your time and money.

Be fearless. As much as we doubt we’ll want this for you when you’re showing off at the top of a climbing frame we definitely hope you’ll be a risk-taker. Don’t be afraid to get things wrong.

‘Wear Sunscreen’. As the classic song dictates. You may very well have the most transparent parents in the universe, what with your Finnish Scottish skin combo you’re likely to be ‘a burner’. I know you may have thought you had a lovely olive glow when you first arrived.. but alas, it was just jaundice. You’re destined to be pale and interesting.

Speaking of your heritage… you’ve also got significant Irish in the mix and add that to Scottish and Finnish and you’re bound to enjoy a drink.

Darina recently found out to her complete delight that rather than start drinking in my early teens like the delinquents of Scotland (ie her) I started a few months before turning 17. I hosted a new years party, greeted everyone in a full suit and got drunk on Bacardi and coke. Very civilized, I can recommend it. In fact, I’ll be happy to offer to set something similar up for you when the time is right.

Things have changed a lot since then and now my whisky cabinet is well respected and an equal member of our family.

Be nice to waiting staff. Tip well. Your mum was a waitress once. Also make sure you put items you don’t want back on the right shelf in the supermarket.. having stacked a fair few shelves in my time in the family business I can’t stand things in the wrong place.

This, Darina wants to point out, is ironic as I fail to do so at home.

Take care of yourself. Both physically and mentally. As you’ll learn, you’ve got some running heritage in your blood. Give that a try one day, there’s nothing quite like setting yourself a high personal goal and then achieving it.

Don’t waste time worrying over things you can’t change. Worrying is never productive.

Be happy. We’d like to think we’re positive people and we believe positivity breeds positivity. Think happy.

We’re ecstatic that you’re here with us.. we never thought life could be this good. You’re changing so fast and no matter how little sleep we’re getting at the moment (bring on the teenage days when can’t get you out of bed!) we’re always made instantly happy by one of your cheeky grins.

Keep on smiling.

We love you.

Mum and Dad xx

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Ava, Erland and Oskari

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Barbecue at Sophies

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The American

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What Do the Little Ones Think?

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Rochester, A ship and a Hand Cast

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Godmother Ciara

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