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The Coolest Baby Blanket, Ever

Kaisa, Oskari’s Finnish Grandma is very much into her handy crafts. After I showed her this photo of an iPhone themed baby blanket, she told me she’ll make one for Oskari once he was born.

The result is amazing. The app icons are memories and personalised pictures rather than the ones found on an iPhone. Things like, his date of birth, London bus, map of Finland with Pyhäjärvi marked and piece of cloth that used to be part of a sheet I slept on when I was Oskari’s age. The blanket is reversible, it has a Moomin theme on the other side.

Two of the app icons are still to come, I’ll update this post once we get them.

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Weighing and Washing

Must. Resist. Speech bubbles.

On the scales, he came in at 2523 g which is a fraction above his hospital discharge weight. When weighed again on 14th April, he was already 2640 g.

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New People, I’m Still Suspicious

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First Walk in the Park

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The Long Way Home

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Finally, He’s Awake

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Day Two in the Real World

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The Day Oskari Was Born

Happiest day of our lives, Oskari was born at 05:24 in Lewisham University Hospital in London. He weighted 2.7 kg, which is pretty good size for being almost 5 weeks premature.

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First Sight

26th October 2010 was the first time we saw Oskari. Of course, at the time we didn’t know – or want to know – if he was a boy or a girl. Happy times.

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